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Non-QM Loan Products We Offer

In order to make sure that every customer who approaches us can get the financing they need, we offer the following non-QM solutions in California:

One day out of foreclosure

If you are being foreclosed upon, you do not need to wait three years to apply for another mortgage. With our one-day-out-of-foreclosure loans, you can buy a new home immediately.

500 FICO score

We offer financing to customers with credit scores as low as 500. If you have been rejected because of your score by other mortgage companies in California, we can connect you with a mortgage.

Owner-builder loans

If you are the general contractor on your own construction project, you can apply for one of our owner-builder construction loans.

Spec construction loans

We offer these loans for building speculative properties.

Investor cash flow loans

With this type of mortgage, the cash flow that you expect from the property you are purchasing is considered during the qualification process.

No document loans

These mortgages are available to those who cannot apply with traditional full documentation (i.e. a W-2). Consider a no document loan if you are a business owner, self-employed person or entrepreneur.

Bridge loans

If you are in the process of selling one property while purchasing another, a bridge loan can provide you with the short-term financing you need to complete both transactions.

Foreign national loans

If you would like to invest in property in the United States as a foreign national, our fast, flexible and affordable foreign national loan process allows you to close rapidly on valuable real estate.

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If you believe that one of the lending products above might be an ideal fit for your needs, or if you are looking for a non-QM product we do not have listed here, please give us a call at 559-540-2275.

As non-QM loan products are among our specialties, we feel confident that no matter what your situation is, we can help. We look forward to discussing your needs and matching you with solutions during your free consultation.

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